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Formatting Space

The information collapse that gives rise to the physical universe may be spoken of as a break in the underlying symmetry of the situation and it may also be seen in terms of an inversion. A symmetry break is where a format is imposed upon unconditioned space (i.e., space as it actually is in itself before we start interfering with it). Once the formatting has taken place, and is in place, then we can proceed to build structures within it, we can start to operate in a purposeful or logical way within it. We can achieve certain goals, we can ‘progress within the terms of the framework’, and this of course feels like an increase in information content rather than a collapse. It is a collapse however, and it can never be otherwise no matter how much splendid progress we make within the unconsciously projected framework. It is a collapse because in the act of formatting space we have ‘closed it down’; we have said what can be and what can’t be and having laid down the rules in this way we can never go beyond them. When we rely on rules then – naturally enough – we can never go beyond the rules that we’re relying on. The rule can’t tell us how to go beyond the rule.




In the information collapse which gave rise to the physical universe there is no one (like God as portrayed in the Old Testament) who took it upon themselves to format unconditioned space. We always want to explain the Mystery of Creation by saying that ‘God did it’, which is our way of trying to make it not mysterious in anymore but merely the object of flat, humourless belief (flat humourless belief always occurs in the aftermath of that symmetry break!) but there is no need to do this. In conventional religion what we do is that we assign an ‘external cause’ to explain why the world exists but this – as has often been noted – is avoidance pure and simple. We’re avoiding the issue, that’s all. We don’t want to tackle it. In esoteric Judaism (as in esoteric Christianity) the term emanation is used rather than creation and the implication here is that the process of symmetry-breaking occurs by itself, in a natural way, without any external cause having to be wheeled awkwardly into the picture. The Ineffable State – the state in which can’t be spoken of or conceived of) spontaneously splits off lower worlds, which then in turn can go on to give rise (in a process which is really the antithesis of creation) to worlds that are even more decomplexified. This is the principle of entropy in action, in other words. What we have here is a classic example of an existential ‘trickle down’ process where the starting-off point is sublime and the end result utterly banal.




The emanatory model of cosmogenesis runs counter to the way of thinking which we automatically subscribe to. We imagine ourselves – as always – to be ‘centre stage’ – just as the earth used to be conceived of as the centre of the universe, or as we currently imagine ourselves to represent ‘the pinnacle of evolution’, etc. According to what we read in Genesis we are indeed centre-stage and so in honouring and praising God for the Miracle of the Creation we are of course making this same self-glorifying assumption, however sneakily. In the esoteric traditions however this is very far from being the case – instead of ‘creation’ we can talk in terms of ‘an unfortunate accident’. What we take to be ‘the Miracle of Creation’ is actually an anti-miracle, the very antithesis of a miracle – this isn’t the real world at all but merely a lowly emanation, a distorted echo of a distorted echo of something that has long since been forgotten about. We praise God for having produced a distorted parody, which is a rather bizarre thing, to say the least.




Another way of talking about the ‘parody’ of reality which is produced (turd-wise) at the tail-end of the decomplexification process (i.e., entropic) process is to say that it is an inversion of the original. It is an inversion because we are exalting what goes on within the terms of the formatting that has been imposed on reality over the possibilities that are being excluded by the imposing of the formatting, by the imposing of the framework, and this creates an upside-down situation. The reason decomplexification creates an upside-down situation is because what happens within the terms of the formatting isn’t real, whilst the possibilities that have been excluded by the formatting, excluded by the framework, etc, is. The formatting isn’t real, it’s just something we project upon the situation; the all-important, all-determining framework doesn’t exist, we just say that it does.




This is all to do with our attitude towards boundaries therefore – when we are orientated towards boundaries (which is to say, towards rules) then we necessarily make ourselves blind to the way in which these boundaries disguise or cover over the irreducible interconnectedness that lies behind them. We have to make ourselves blind to space as the ‘primary reality’, so to speak – we ‘shut space down‘. We have to make ourselves blind to unconditioned space (which is the only type of space there is, when it comes down to it). In order to believe in the actual genuine self-evident existence of ‘the parts’, we need to lose sight of the Whole – this is the ‘trick’ which brings the whole physical (or phenomenal) world into (apparent) existence. This is how Brahma ‘exhales’ the universe.




The trick of ‘reality inversion’ necessarily involves an information collapse because the parts that we are focusing on (the apparent partitions in reality) aren’t actually real and so there is no information in them. They can’t be any information in an illusion! The partitions aren’t real because reality can’t be partitioned – this is something that just can’t be done! The Whole contains information – the Whole is nothing else but information – whilst the parts don’t and so of course the inversion of our perception involves information loss. The state of Original Symmetry contains plenty of information – it contains infinite information – whilst the end product of the information collapse (the end result of the symmetry-break) only superficially appears to contain information and is actually quite hollow. It is hollow because it has no ‘interiority’, only ‘external appearance’ or ‘form’. This is just another way of saying that the product of the information collapse is made up of virtual rather than genuine information, confirmation of our assumed position rather than actual ‘novelty’.




If we build our lives on the basis of the symmetry-break, on the basis of the information collapse, on the basis of the inversion, then this means that there will be an error or flaw inherent in everything we do (everything we do in a thought-mediated way, at least) and this ‘flaw’ ensures that whatever we do (or whatever we ‘make of ourselves’) will always come to nothing. This is what the Nullity is all about, after all! In conclusion, then, we can say that whenever we orientate ourselves exclusively towards the physicality of the universe (or towards the forms that make up our world, we will always consign ourselves to the tender care of the Nullity, therefore. This is what we get as a result of ‘striking a bargain with the devil’, therefore! We may win points for practicality, we may do very well with regard to short-term gains (i.e. we may be ‘successful’ with regard to our plans) , but it is precisely this exclusive focus on ST gains that makes it completely impossible for us to see that the Nullity actually is the Nullity…





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