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The Face of the Nullity

What is the nullity? The nullity is when we think there is something going on but there isn’t. The nullity is false advertising. The nullity is a misleading label. The nullity is all around us – it is a toxic ‘space-filler’. The nullity is toxic because it makes us sick.  The nullity is our god and it is the worshipping of this god that makes us sick. When we get sick we do not realize why this is happening and so in our distress and confusion we go to the nullity to help us. We promise to worship harder, more fervently, with greater sincerity…




What is the nullity? The nullity is society. The nullity is when tremendous stifling oppressive pressure is put on us to do this or do that, to have this done or have that done, even though there is no sense or meaning to what we are to do. The nullity is when we feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility or duty towards what is in reality a hollow pointless routine.




The nullity is when someone talks, but all that comes out of their mouth is empty foolishness, empty pointless tiresome verbiage. The nullity is a politician, the DJ on the radio, the pundit on the TV talk-show.




The nullity is like a big, important book, a book full of impressive-sounding technical language and serious, heavy-duty phraseology. It is the book of the law. It is the book of rules which we have to accord the greatest respect. The nullity is the book we live by, and even when we daringly rebel against it we are still in awe of it. One thing we very rarely do is laugh at it; we rarely transgress with humour against its stifling solemnity, even though this is the only sane response to it. We do not laugh because we are afraid of others laughing at us.




The nullity is a book of nonsense.




The nullity is what is put into us.




The nullity is common-sense, it is tradition, it is orthodoxy. It is the killing dust that rises in an invisible cloud when we lift the sarcophagus lid. It is the dust of ages. It is the dust of our forefathers. It is the dust that chokes, the dust that infects, the deadly dust that is made up of spores which can themselves never die.




The nullity is a disease. It is anthrax. It is the Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb. It is the air we breathe every day…








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