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‘Playing To Win’ In The Designed World

The Designed World is a set of possibilities that have been arbitrarily abstracted from the Undesigned World, and which – crucially – do not contain any reference to the fact that there is such a thing as ‘the Undesigned’ (or ‘Uncreated’) World. The filter in question is a kind of ‘one-way valve’, therefore. The way the DW comes into existence is precisely by not acknowledging that there is any broader (or more expansive) context to consider and so what we’re talking about here is ‘an invisible loss of perspective’. When we operate out of the DW (i.e., when we take this as being our ‘basis’) then we have absolutely no way of knowing that there is a Bigger Picture to things. We will insist – if asked – that there absolutely isn’t any such a thing as the ‘Bigger Picture’. This is ‘the Rational Modality of existence’, therefore.



We can look at the Bigger Picture as a sort of ‘macro-scale Brownian motion generator’ where all small-scale ‘events’ (or ‘movements’) can be seen to be null once we take the broader view (which is the view where we can ‘see everything in the one go’, so to speak). When we take the narrow rather than the broad view then we can’t see that all the events we are registering as being ‘actual events’ are in fact ‘null’, we can’t see that the world we are living in has been constructed via the act of paying selective attention to the output of a Brownian Motion Generator (which is to say, by the act of not acknowledging that there is such a thing as the Macro-scale BMG) and for this reason we live in Null World that we can’t see to be null.



The DW is a ‘null situation’ therefore – it is a situation in which all ‘positive’ movements are automatically compensated for by the corresponding ‘negative’ movement and all ‘negative’ movements are compensated for by the corresponding ‘positive’ ones (to use J.G. Bennett’s terminology in The Dramatic Universe). This is of course what ‘Brownian motion’ is all about – it is that situation where there is no ‘net’ movement, despite the constant (apparent) background fluctuation of small-scale movements in all possible directions). What we are calling ‘the Designed World’ is therefore the world that the thinking mind automatically abstracts from this constant background Brownian motion without being able to acknowledge (in any way) that this is what it is doing.



To be able to make lives for ourselves in the Designed World it is necessary for us to make sure that we only ever to see ‘the small picture’ (which is to say, the small picture in which plus and minus appear to have a separate existence). Where we to see that ‘when one comes in then the other goes out’ then we would straightaway find ourselves to be totally banjaxed – we would be totally banjaxed since our entire motivational system is based on ‘chasing the one whilst avoiding the other’. This is our sole philosophy of life, crude though it is – we are playing a game, and the object of the game is to get one opposite rather than the other, to ‘succeed’ rather than ‘fail’, to ‘gain’ rather than ‘lose’. This is our on-going obsession…



When we glimpse the Big Picture then we see that ‘to gain is to lose’, which is of course completely confounding for us. When we have lived our whole lives by the formula which says that gaining is good and losing is bad (by the rule which says we must have one outcome but not the other), then to suddenly realise that ‘when you gain you lose and that when you lose you gain’ undoes everything for us. Life (conditioned life, that is) is only meaningful for us when plus and minus (which are the only two possibilities in the Designed World) have a separate existence. To see that positive and negative are the two ends of the same stick (a stick which is perpetually spinning around a central point) puts a very different complexion on things. It’s a simple enough idea to explain but properly understanding it is another matter entirely!



When this metaphorical stick spins on its end – alternative flashing on and off, alternatively saying yes and no – this is not a meaningful thing! Saying yes / no / yes / no / yes / no in an endless sequence is the very epitome of meaninglessness, clearly. There is no way we can pull meaning out of this! This is the Unveiled Nullity and the one thing we need to avoid seeing at all costs (if we are to continue with our conditioned existence, that is) is the Unveiled Nullity. This as a pure horror to us – this is what we call chaos and chaos is ‘the end of all our rational imaginings’. Chaos is where all our dreams and plans come apart – it is the ‘ultimate insult’ to the thinking mind, therefore. When we focus purely exclusively on the small picture then we ensure that we never ever get to see this. This might sound this might sound good in one way (it might sound like a ‘solution’!) but of course it isn’t – when we succeed in ‘not seeing the nullity’ then what this means is that we enact it – we enact it in everything we do and in everything we think. To be unaware of the Nullity is to be it, we might say. To ‘not see the joke’ is to be the butt of it.



When we don’t see the Big Picture then we can dream, we can hope – we can hope that one day we will be able to ‘get what we want’, which is a positive outcome that comes without a backlash, yes that comes without a know. We want to ‘avail of the ladder without being swallowed by the snake immediately afterwards’. Being positive is a thing, hope is the thing. ‘Try, try and try again’ is the thing. Just so long as the small picture is all we know then this can serve as our mantra – we can keep on trying and as we try we can hope. We can hope and hope and keep on hoping. We hope that it will be different next time, we hope that we can give the pendulum a big enough push so that it never comes swinging back at us. We hope that by vibrating enough we can free ourselves from The Vibration. This is therefore the type of insanity (or ‘sickness’) we are afflicted with in the conditioned realm.



The type of insanity we need if we are to continue with our lives in the Conditioned Realm is the type of insanity famously spoken of by Albert Einstein, which is where we ‘keep on doing the same thing whilst expecting something different to happen’. We keep on playing the game in the hope that our commitment to playing the game will somehow free us from the game. We involve ourselves in a vicious paradox that we can’t see to be a paradox. Or – as we could also say – the type of insanity or sickness we need in order to ‘get on with our lives in the Mind-Created Virtual Reality’ is the type of insanity or sickness where we read meaning into the endless sequence of on /off / on off / on off (or yes / no / yes / no / yes / no). We see meaning where there is none by ‘separating the opposites’, just as Jung says. This is neatly done by means of reducing our perspective on the matter such that we can only see one end of the stick at any  given point in time. When ‘the end we like’ swings out of view to be replaced by ‘the one we don’t like’ then we see the disappearing of the one and the appearance of the other as two separate events and this delusion leads us to suppose that – if we are clever enough – we can arrange things so that we ‘get the one but not the other’…



The endless sequence of <yes followed by no> is like an escalator that keeps on moving but never gets anywhere and so in the life we perceive ourselves to be leading (when we exist purely within the terms of the rational mind) we are – we could say – ‘standing still whilst imagining ourselves to be moving’. What we’re actually doing in all of our plans and hopes and dreams and goal-orientated actions is that we are projecting our fixed position into a virtual dimension and imagining that change will happen once we have actualized our projections, once we have successfully brought them into reality, and it is this act of imagination that allows us to believe that life in the conditioned realm actually has attainable possibilities in it. There are no possibilities in the ‘tautological extension of a defined point in a virtual dimension’ – the virtual dimension is our ‘imagination’ (we might say) and this ‘imagination’ of ours is ‘the insanity (or sickness) that we need in order to continue with our lives in the Designed World, which is ‘The World That Has Been Created For Us By Thought’…






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