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Knowledge Is A Projection

What does it mean to say that ‘everything is information’? The short answer is nobody can ever know what that means. No one can ever know what that means for the simple reason that there is no convenient external platform from which to know it. Even more to the point, nobody can ever know what information is because ‘knowing’ necessarily involves entropy. ‘Knowing’ means ‘pinning something down’ and when we pin something down there’s no more information in it! There’s no more information in it because the movement is the information



‘Knowing’ inescapably involves entropy because knowing is a self-referential act – we compare the incoming information to the standards that we have opted to abide by and if it matches up then we acknowledge it, we register it, we take it on board and this becomes what we call knowledge. Knowledge is a projection, in other words; it is our own ideas, our own labels, our own biases, reflected right back at us, nothing more. This is a perfect absence of communication – absolutely nothing is being attended to outside of our own stale projections. We’re talking as loudly and continuously as we can so that we don’t ever have to listen.



What ‘knowing’ comes down to is simply ‘asserting our own meaning on every situation we come across, and then taking this asserted form of meaning as being a window to some sort of hypothetical outer world’. When we project our own meaning upon the world this is the reverse of meaning – this isn’t how things work at all. That’s like me asking how you are and then answering for you! Projected meaning is the appearance of meaning where there is none, it’s a tautology that is falsely seen as being legitimate. It’s the absence of information that we mistakenly believe to be information.



We can say that everything is information but when we say this we cast a shadow, when we say this we block ourselves, when we say this we conceal information from ourselves. When we say anything about information then we lose access to the very information that we want to talk about, that we want to draw attention to. Or, if we were to put this another way, we could say that it is impossible for us to speak the truth because whenever we try to assert ‘what is true’ we necessarily lie.



Seen the one way, this is a grim trap – every road we turn down is blocked, every escape we find brings us right back to where we started off from. Every time we try to communicate (or ‘reach out’) we fail. My very desire for freedom is the cause for my never finding it; my intention to shed light is what brings the darkness down upon my head. No matter which way I turn the way is closed to me – the taken-for-granted viewpoint cannot escape from itself on its own basis. This however gives us the very clue as to we need in order to see what we’re dealing with here – the reason everything is a trap for me is because my viewpoint is back to front, and so what I’m actually seeing is my own closed viewpoint reflected back at me. Once I see the trap for what it actually is then I can see that it’s a backwards way of looking at things, and when I see this I naturally let go of it. The viewpoint falls away by itself.



When we say that ‘everything is information’ then what we’re saying is this therefore. When we see that that that the trap we are is our inverted viewpoint reflected back at us (and nothing else) then what we’re seeing is precisely this – we’re seeing that they couldn’t ever be anything but information. There is no ‘trap’, there is only the Pleroma – when we see the Pleroma not as it is but backwards, in reversed aspect, then we are in a terrible fix, a frightening trap. There’s no freedom anywhere, and there is no possibility of it, and the freedom we thought we had is revealed as being nothing more than self-deception. It is the intense, overwhelming revulsion we feel towards catching a glimpse of this vision that keeps us trapped in the Illusion World, which is the world that is made-up of our own knowledge. We are afraid to let go of what we know in other words, even if what we ‘know’ isn’t true…



If we wanted to talk in terms of ‘light and darkness’, then we could say that the Known World – the so-called world that corresponds to our positive knowledge – equals ‘Shadow’ whilst the world that we don’t know and can’t know equals ‘the Light’. What we’re saying here therefore is that the world we know is an illusion (a world made up of our hard-wired expectations that we project ahead of us wherever we go, such that we can never see beyond it). The trap we are in is perfect – there is absolutely no freedom in this situation at all and so how can we ‘escape’? The fact that there is Zero Freedom in the Shadow Realm shows us that there is no such thing as the Shadow Realm however – Zero Freedom is a made-up situation, an idle and fruitless conjecture, a situation that could never ever happen. We’d have to invent it ourselves, we’d have to dream it up. Once we do ‘dream it up’ however then we find that we are well and truly stuck in it. We pulled an ugly face as a joke and then the wind went and changed direction on us…



The Known World, the Positive World, the World that is made up of our Concepts, is the denial of the Pleroma. It is The Cave of Shadows. It is of course an easy job to deny or ignore the Pleroma – no one can prove that it exists after all, no one can ever demonstrate it. No one can ever find it or come across it. No one can ever find it because the more effort we put into looking for it the more it runs away from us. Seen one way this can be used as evidence that it simply doesn’t exist, that it’s a meaningless concept, that there’s no such thing as ‘the Pleroma’, but that’s just sour grapes on our part. We want to be a central part of the action, but we can’t be. We’re coming at everything the wrong way – we wish to ‘discover the truth on the basis of a lie’, we wish to ‘reveal the light by covering it up’, by ‘occluding it’, and that’s just not going to happen.




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